This conference has been published as:
“Economic Philosophy: Complexities in Economics”


  • Robert Delorme, “A Cognitive Behavioral Modelling for Coping with Intractable Complex Phenomena in Economics and Social Science: Deep Complexity”
  • Peter Soderbaum, “Strategies in Relation to Complexities: From Neoclassical Cost-Benefit Analysis to Positional Analysis”

Contributions from the History of Economics

  • Nizar Hariri, “Soft Dualism in Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments: The Body, The Person and the Non-Egoistic Personal Body”
  • João Victor Oliveira da Silva, “Complexity in the Theory of Economic Evolution of Thorstein Veblen: An Introduction”
  • Lorrana Buzzo, “The Evolutionary Dimensions of Hayek’s Thought: Cultural Selection and Spontaneous Order”

Complexity and Agency

  • Victor Beker, “Complexity and Economics
  • João Victor Souza da Silva and Solange Regina Marin, “Limitations on the Perspective of the Representative Agent: Agent-Based Model’s Alternative”
  • Greg Hill, “Autonomous Agents and Economic Complexities: A Philosophical Excursion”

Methodological Dimensions

  • Thi Ngo, “Mixed-method to Deal with Complexity in Economic Research”
  • John B. Davis, “Agent-Based Modeling’s Open Methodology Approach: Simulation, Reflexivity, and Abduction”
  • Wolfram Elsner, “What is Complexity Economics, Why is it Heterodox, and What are its New Policy Implications?”
  • Frederico Botafogo, “Complexity Economics and the Accounting Framework”

Changing Economics

  • Viktorija Mano, “Developing a Perspective on Transition Economies as Complex Systems”
  • Gancho Ganchev, “Money, Cycles, and Complexity”

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