This conference has been published as:
“Economic Philosophy: Complexities in Economics”

The World Economics Association held its first webinar, which concluded the Discussion Forum of the inaugural WEA Conference on Economic Philosophy.

The webinar was held on Thursday, December 7th, 2017, 5.00-6.30 pm GMT

Watch the recording of the webinar


Part I Introduction

  • Welcome – Jake McMurchie
  • Overview on the WEA Conferences and introduction of the Conference Leaders – Maria Alejandra Madi (Chair of the WEA Conferences Program), and Małgorzata Dereniowska
  • Presentation of the “Economic Philosophy: Complexities in Economics” Conference – John B. Davis (Marquette University), and D. Wade Hands (University of Puget Sound)

Part II Keynote Panel

  • Keynote presentation # 1
    “A Cognitive Behavioral Modelling for Coping with Intractable Complex Phenomena in Economics and Social Science: Deep Complexity” – Robert Delorme (University of Versailles-Saint-Quentinen-Yvelines)
  • Keynote presentation # 2
    “Strategies in relation to complexities: From neoclassical Cost-Benefit Analysis to Positional Analysis” – Peter Söderbaum (Mälardalen University)

Part III Panel with the Conference Authors

  • Authors’ introduction
    Confirmed authors:
    Lorrana Buzzo, Nizar Hariri, Gancho Ganchev, João Vitor Oliveira da Silva, João Victor Souza da Silva
  • Questions & Answers session
  • Leaders’ concluding remarks